How to read production and expiry date of our SK-II?

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Updated: Two ways to check the production date of SK-II
It’s not fun to scratch your head and worry the number on the bottom of the bottle, especially when you shell out a fortune to buy an expensive product like SK-II.

You can have a peace of mind if you purchase SK-II from us as we are going to explain to you the production date that you see on our SK-II (you can use what's app to text us for the detail of our SK-II items or contact us here)

1) Use batch number to check production date of SK-II
We have received a lot of emails regarding the production date of SK-II. We can't reply them one by one but as always, you can use the batch number (see above picture) that printed on the bottom of the product to find out the production date. Just simply enter the number to below website and you will see the manufacturing and expiry date.

2) Use the five digit number on SK-II ingredient list
If you purchase from us, you will find five digit number printed on the ingredient list. This is production date shown in the format of Taiwan calendar (Minguo calendar).

Let us take the below item as an example, you can see five digit number 10607 on the bottom of ingredient list, it means the product is manufactured in 2017 (106+11) July (07). 

Simply speaking, 106 refers the year of Minguo 民國 and 07 refers to the month of production.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 330ml (expiry date and product description)

You don’t need to do the math or study Minguo history to understand the meaning of this 5 digit number as you can find the relation of Minguo calendar to the Gregorian calendar pretty easy on the internet and here is the detail:

SK-II Special Set, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 230ml, SK-II R.N.A Eye Cream, SK2, SKII. Shipped from USA.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 330ml


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 330ml

Please note that the shelf life of SK-II is 36 months. After opening, it is better to use within 12 months. 

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  • what date expired of this product #5152211801 not yet eponed 3 years long until now.

    rey bagaindoc on
  • Can anybody tell me the expired date of these numbers

    Phyo on
  • The numbers on back of 215ml bottle are
    The number on the bottom is 6158211801
    How long is this good for?

    CJ on
  • I would like to know the expiration date for 0120-021325 or 99712858, those are the 2 # that I found on your product. thank you

    valleska on
  • my friend who sells SKII at departmental store told me, if the product is stored at cool dry place and away from sun light.
    especially when you buy any skincare try not to buy the products sit near the neon light as it affects quality of the product
    and if you have not opened it lasts years but once opened used in 12 months.

    if you bought this from asia, best used as soon as possible as humidity degrade the quality of the product.
    take care

    janine on

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