My first experience in Ettusais Premium Face Cream! You gonna love it :)

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Who doesn’t want a universal face cream to take care everything we need without breaking the bank? I need a cream for skin hydration, refining pores and improving circulation for better complexion. The searching is now ended! I am using Ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream which is a 7-in-1 day-to-night gel-cream serving to reverse decades of skin damages, such as large pores and dull skin tone. 

Review on Ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream

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I love the pinky gel cream with loads of tiny beads which can be crushed and absorbed when you massage it. I pick up some and warm it up with my palm. Then, massage it on my face for better penetration and circulation. The tiny beads do look like caviar but in pink shade for a girly touch. 

Review on Ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream

This gel cream is excellent for hydration which also gives me dewy result! Thanks for the Ettusais’ exclusive Amino Premium 7 Complex, it feels intensely moisturising without feeling gooey.

Talking about hydrating ingredients of this gel cream which contains Amino Acid, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Fermented Royal Jelly and Glycerin to promote various skin care benefits - anti-aging, firming, moisturising and shrinking large pores over time. 

So what is this 7-in-1 face gel cream about? According to the company's claim, this product can be used as follows:
1) Toning;
2) Moisturizing;
3) Softening;
4) Promote blood circulation through massaging the product into the skin;
5) Deep moisturizing. Used it as a face mask by applying thick layer of this product and leave it on the skin for 15-20 minutes;
6) Used it day and night after cleansing and toning as face cream;
7) Used it before makeup. This cream can be served as makeup base.

My skin looks firmer, more resilient, and pores are refined after 2 weeks of application! 

I haven't tried it as face mask though. Will keep you guys posted once I try it. 

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