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Review on Shiseido Elixir Lifting Moisture Lotion W II (New Name - Shiseido Elixir Skin Care By Age Lifting Moisture Lotion II)

Posted by Katherine Chan on

My t-zone is a disaster! It’s sticky and oily but the dry skin on the side of my nose peeling off like snow flakes! Fortunately, it only happens when the weather is changing but I know, I need a super hydrating toner to replenish the natural hydration of my skin, and use an emulsion to lock in the moisture of it. --> Click here to see the review of Shiseido Elixir Revitalizing Care Lifting Moisture Emulsion II <-- It seems that Shiseido Elixir Revitalizing Care Lifting Moisture Lotion II and Emulsion II (click here to see the review of Shiseido Elixir Revitalizing Care Lifting Moisture Emulsion...

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